Canadian Transportation Musem

Supertest Station
1930’s Supertest Station

Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village

If the smell of ketchup is in the air during tomato season you must be in Leamington. That’s just one memorable moment in August while I toured along the shore of Lake Erie of southwestern Ontario. The Heinz factory is located in the centre of town. It was working overtime as truckloads lined up heaped with field tomatoes from the area farms.

Now some say that the Canadian brand of ketchup is sweeter than its U.S. counterpart.  I don’t know about that, but between taking in the tomato stomp, of the Leamington Tomato Fest and the Peel Island Winery tour,,  I came across the “Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village.  Located west of Kingsville, this will be of interest for all historical car buffs. 

The 25,000 sq ft museum is run by volunteers and staff and houses a collection of vintage vehicles of the 19th and 20th century. Everything from Model T’s to Thunderbirds and touring cars to roadsters are on display.  Many of the restored and original vehicles represent a long list of by-gone brands such as Maxwell, Packard and Pierce Arrow manufactured in southwestern Ontario at one time. 

1952 Ford Tow Truck
1952 Ford C series Tow Truck

The “Heritage Village” features over a dozen relocated historical buildings including a general store, barbershop and church on the 100 acre site.  My favourite was a 1930’s “Supertest” station complete with vintage gas pumps and tool bay.  Supertest was marketed as “Canada’s All Canadian” oil and fuel company that operated from 1923 to 1973.

Located on the property is an early-fifties Ford ‘cab over engine’ tow truck painted in matching Supertest orange.  Curious to learn more about the Ford Truck “C” Series, an online search indicates that from 1948-52, they shared components of the existing F-series.

Displays Canadian Transportation Museum
Vehicle Displays Canadian Heritage Transportation Museum

Added to the site in 2008, was the opening of the EMS Museum including a full restored 1947 Cadillac ambulance.  Taking in the many hot rods, tractors and pick-up trucks that peaked myinterest, I finished the tour with lunch at the museum’s 50’s dinner.  Now pass the Heinz and maybe I can try that taste test!

The “CTMHV” host a full slate of events through out the year  including car shows, auctions and dances. You can find more information at:  or by email at  

Robert Alsop

Twitter: @RedTruckPro

The Facts:

Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village

Canadain Heritage Transportation Museum
Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Centre

6155 Arner Townline, Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E3

Open:               Tuesday – Sunday, summer

                        Wednesday – Sunday, winter

Admission:        Museum $6, Village Tour $7

Phone: 519-776-6909

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